July Wrap-Up & Book Haul


Happy Monday Bookworms! I come to you with my faithfully late Wrap-Up/Haul for the month of July & hope you’ll still check this post out lol. I read 5 books from different genres, watched 1 movie, and played catch up with one of my favorite tv shows. I also had the pleasure of attending my twin Gretchen’s very 1st Poetry reading at Bluestockings in New York City. She did wonderful this being her first time & I was so very proud of her. Gretchen has a blog called ChicNerdReads & her Poetry book Love, and You is currently ranked in the top 10 on the Amazon Bestsellers list for Love & Erotica which is pretty bad ass! So, it was a pretty amazing July & can only hope the rest of the year is just as epic 😉



The Disappearances by Emily Bain Murphy ★★★★★ (5 Stars)

Who’s That Girl by Blair Thornburgh ★★★ (3.5 Stars)

The Library of Fates by Aditi Khorana ★★★★ (4 Stars)

Every Last Lie by Mary Kubica ★★★★★ (5 Stars)

The Last Magician by Lisa Maxwell ★★★★★ (5 Stars)

The stand-out reads for July were The Last Magician and Every Last Lie, both left me hungry for more story. The Library of Fates left me with food for thought & was just a beautifully diverse read, I look forward to more from this author. Who’s That Girl was a contemporary about friendship with LGBTQIA+ representation that I enjoyed more towards the second half. Lastly, The Disappearnaces got me in the mood for Fall and all of the mysterious reads I associate with my favorite season. It was an overall quality reading month & also a more productive blogging month. Also, I followed a ton of new blogs that I am still making my rounds getting to know & to them I say THANK YOU for following my blog & I’m looking forward to seeing you around 😉


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Super stoked over the paperbacks I hauled in July! The Night Circus is one of my all time fave books of ALL TIME! this paperback edition caught my eye with its white/black contrast. The Princes Saves Herself in This One is one that I have been DYING to read! haha, I’m sure many of you have already read & loved the hell out of this one. One Of Us is Lying I purchased from Bookdepository because of the red sprayed edges smh call me vain lol! Until it Fades is K.A. Tuckers newest novel & the only New Adult author I’ve read & LOVED so of course ran out and got a copy. Akata Witch has been at the TOP of my TBR for too long & It’s one I am really looking forward to reading and reviewing here on Lair Of Books 😉

For more Bookish photos, follow LairOfBooks on Bookstagram

These hardcovers come well recommended & I can stare at them all day long they are so BEAUTIFUL! haha. I’ve already red & loved The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue & so to see it in my Owlcrate box was sweeeeeet! lol. My Book of the Month choice was Final Girls & although it has received mixed reviews, It still hasn’t taken my curiosity away. Stalking Jack the Ripper I am trying to read ASAP since I have an arc of Hunting Prince Dracula. Because You Love to Hate Me I p/u solely because of Adam Silver & V..E. Schwabs villains. Lastly, When Dimple Met Rishi was a MUST! I know I’m going to LOVE this one a ton & can’t wait to read the story that has everyone ready for the next book by this author ❤

This movie seriously took me by surprise & it pushed me to write my very 1st Gush Spoilery Review (see here). I’ve watched all of the Spider-Man movies with my hubby but never really found any to WOW me. I’m a big fan of Marvel movies but this guy just was OK LOL! Whelp! all that changed with Homecoming & I’m now A Spidey fan *gimme more*

OK! this may come as a surprise since I am not a big fan of things that go bump in the night but I LOVE The Originals! forget The Vampire Diaries, this show is ten times better than that show ever was *sorry not sorry* but seriously, The Originals takes place in New Orleans & there isn’t a single episode that doesn’t transport you. I binge watched season 4 with my hubby on Netflix & it consumed our nights smh lol. I lost count of the times I jumped from fright & was left wondering whyyyyy viewers ever chose to watch The Vampire Diaries over this AMAZINGLY well told show?!?!? Season 5 will be the last & this makes my ❤ sad but it will most definitely join my Hall of Amazing TV Shows (not yet a thing but maybe I should look into this) cuz it has already made me lose sleep on more than one occasion. I recommend to anyone who loves New Orleans, Witches & their craft, Wolves, Vampires, Family Loyalty, plot twists, double crossings, Stakes through the heart, and just EPIC bad assery 😉

Happy reading in August Bookworms!!! Hope you all had a wonderful July month & are enjoying your summer reads. Read or watched any of these? drop your comments down below <3’s!


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36 thoughts on “July Wrap-Up & Book Haul”

  1. You had a great reading month! I can’t wait to read Gentleman’s Guide! It was on my tbr for July and I didn’t get a chance to read it *le sigh* but hopefully I’ll read it this month. I’ definitely want to pick up The Last Magician seeing as you seemed to love it so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Donna? have we had a name change? lol! Every Last Lie does sound good, like Breakfast Club with murder is what I’m getting from the synopsis lol. Thank you, wishing you the same! happy reading 🙂


  2. The Princess Saves Herself in This One is lovely. It’s one of the best poetry collections I’ve ever read! 😀
    And it seems like you enjoyed all your books last month so I hope you enjoy your books this month as well. Happy August!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Dez, i’m pretty stoked to get to Princess & it’s a short read so I’ll most likely be reading it very soon in btwn arcs. July was a good reading mth & I’m also hoping for an amazing August. Wishing you a happy reading month 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    1. OoOO I have a few books like that smh lol! matter of fact The Princess Saves Herself in This one is one such book & I don’t ever understand why. I tend to LOVE these books most when I eventually get around to them 🙂


  3. Oo, what a lovely wrap-up! You seem to have had such a good reading month, well done. 🙂 Oh, and I actually haven’t heard of the Originals before, but you have definitely sold me! I’ll have to give it a go soon (although I have so many shows I just haven’t caught up on yet, oops).

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  4. eeeeeeeek!!! thanks for mentioning me twin! and thanks again for coming out to the reading, i will be forever grateful. you had a great reading month, packed with different reads! i am happy that some of these ended up on the rather forever-gushing side of the spectrum, i cannot wait to read the last magician lol. i seriously cannot wait for you to pick up princess, you have to tell me what you think about it. i am still not over the night circus cover! that spiderman movie was amazing! i always enjoyed the originals more than the vampire diaries, i would love to watch it again but i think i’ll wait till all seasons air on netflix. hope you have a great august twin!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Always, couldn’t write my wrap-up w/out mentioning your event since it was also a highlight for me to cheer you on 😉 I can’t wait for you to read The Last Magician *so GooD* Princess is looking more & more like I’m going to p/u this week no latter than the wknd for sure, I need a palette cleanser. Also, The Serpent King is obliterating my heart & it’s probably ideal for some good poetry. Spidey was AWESOME! & Yea I’d wait for the 5th season to air/go to Netflix in 2018. Lo & I were legit left looking at each other like “what do we watch now after that EPICNESS?!?!” LOL! Thanks twin, happy reading! 🙂

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  5. It seems like you had a pretty amazing July Lilly, especially if the books you got through this month are anything to go by. I finished The Last Magician today and really really enjoyed it. I’m going to try and write my review soon so I need to get my thoughts in order ASAP. Also The Library of Fates is one I need to pick up as well, I’ve heard some good things about it so far and the cover is gorgeous that I just want to own my own edition.
    The copy of The Night Circus you have looks gorgeous too, and oh I saw Spiderman earlier this month and loved it as well. It was so hilarious and I loved Tom Holland as Peter Parker. 🙂
    Again great recap, and I hope you have an amazing August as well! 😀 ❤

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    1. Thanks Beth! & OHMYGOSH! You finished The Last Magician?!?! I feel like it was just yesterday you were telling me you were going to pick up a copy LOL! that’s awesome! Can’t wait to read your review *insert excited emoji* Tom Holland played Spidey so well, I couldn’t be happier with his performance. I’ll keep an eye out for your thoughts on The Library of Fates. Happy Reading in August Beth <3!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s all right. 🙂 Yep finished it yesterday and just had to write my review straight away before I forgot what I wanted to right. It’ll be posted later tonight.
        God he really did, better than I thought actually, and hopefully I’ll end up enjoying The Library of Fates as much as you did Lilly! 😀 ❤


    1. OHMYGOSH! Yes Resh, I honestly think it’s because those 5 stars were genres I adore. Historical Fiction is a fave! & The Last Magician & The Disappearances didn’t disappoint painting the picture. & from what I hear, Mary Kubica rarely disappoints lol. Lets see how August fares lol, happy reading! 🙂



  6. Looks like you had a really great month 🌸
    I’ve heard such great things about The Last Magician and The Disappearances – so I’m happy you enjoyed them! I’ve been meaning to watch The Originals since forever, I loved Klaus in Vampire Diaries 😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Michelle! ❤ Both those books are worth the read, especially if you enjoy Historical Fiction in YA 😉 & OMYGGGGGOOOOSH! If you loved Klaus in VD then you'd elevate your love only further by watching The Originals which he practically runs lol! happy reading & viewing 🙂

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  7. I seriously need to play catch up with all my favorite shows. I am soooo behind in quite a few of them. UGHHH. I recently bought Love, and You and can’t wait to read it. 🙂 I am dying for fall to get here (I am impatiently waiting for a reasonable time to put out my Halloween decorations LOL) and I can’t wait to start reading all the spooky Halloweenie books. Looks like you had a pretty good reading month! 😀 Great haul! I LOVED One of Us Is Lying so much. I was thinking about getting The Princess Saves Herself in This One too. I may break down and buy it this month. I need Gentlemen’s Guide, UGHHH. If I wasn’t next in line at the library for the e-book or I probably would have bought it myself by now. LOL.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here Ashley, I think it’s all the reading that has turned me away from TV for the most part. Now I binge 1 show per mth and 1 episode a night of any one of my favorites. Of course in the Fall this changes cuz all of my favorites are back starting with Grays Anatomy & ALL of The Chicago shows LOL! & yes! I’m also ready for all the spooky Halloween reads *excited emoji*
      Can’t wait to get to I LOVED One of Us Is Lying & Princess Saves Herself which I was sitting on for so long & finally decided to purchase a copy. gahhhh! I’m excited for you to read Gentlemen’s Guide & hear what you think. Happy reading 🙂

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